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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Procrastination and A Sample Sale

I have been working at a Dolce and Gabbana sample sale for the past week which is why I haven't posted anything new for a while. It was an exhausting experience but I'm really glad I did it. I was in a coat check room for most of it, 12 hours per day. I was reminded why I do not work in a customer service job. Because of the nature of the event, selling very high price designer items at a discount, customers were not permitted to bring in bags, jackets or umbrellas in an effort to prevent theft and damage to the products. To be fair, about 25% of people just handed over their belongings without complaint. The rest, though, complained, yelled, and just got generally nasty. I'm not exaggerating. One woman actually started screaming at a security guard who was calmly telling her that if she wanted to go in, she had to check her things. She eventually did but not before yelling at everyone in the hallway at the top of her lungs. My favorite was when she yelled "You need to behave yourself" at the security guard, I thought it was pretty funny and starting laughing at her ridiculousness. Some people just flat out refused to check their things. At first, I calmly explained to them that no one is allowed in with bags or jackets. By the second day, when I had a line of over 100 people outside waiting to get in, I started saying "The elevator is behind you, have a nice day. Next." At which point most of them relinquished and checked their belongings. When people were leaving, I would grab their jacket first to give them a chance to put it on while I grabbed their bag. Most of them would say "Um...I have a bag" with that snotty entitled tone so many of them had. Finally I just snapped at some woman who had 4 shopping bags, a purse, jacket and umbrella, "I only have two hands, you're going to have to give me a second." This whole experience shattered any ideas I once had about the kindness of humanity. This all may have been bearable if people were tipping, but very very few were. At one point a man pulled out a couple dollars to tip us and his girlfriend pushed his hand down and said "You don't have to tip them." Where did people get this idea? I am unemployed, I make no money. But still I tip my barista, cab drivers, coat check girls, everyone. The difference I have decided is circumstance. It can be assumed that if people are buying t-shirts that are $400 (after discount) they have probably never worked as a waiter, barista, etc. and therefore have no appreciation for the institution of tipping. Having worked many jobs where I depended on tips, I always tip for good service. Even mediocre service. Heck, I even tip for bad service, albeit less, but I still tip. One woman came out and was excited that she had bought 4 items for only $1200. Really? $1200.00??? I understand that at retail those items would have cost her closer to $8000 but $1200 is still a lot of money. The sample sale certainly draws a very interesting, privileged bunch.

I am sorry I haven't posted for so long. After standing for 12 hours and interacting with some of the rudest New Yorkers, I was in no mood to sit down and write a blog post. Most days I came home, showered and passed out. Now, I'll be back to my regular posting. Thank you for reading.

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